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Disc Golf Adventures Vol. 1

I bought a new GoPro Hero5 a couple of weeks ago and finally got a chance to get some footage and do some editing after a long week of midterms. Leave a comment and like if you enjoy!

Lumine Golf Club

Golf journalist James Mason from and takes a golf tour to play Lumine Golf Club, Lumine Beach and Golf Community, Hills Course reviews will appear in Issue11 of the planetgolfreview magazine. This is video is Hills Course at Lumine

Are You Being Taught the WRONG WAY to Release the Golf Club?

Bonus vid: There are a LOT of golf instructors out there teaching their students a foolish way to release the golf club that puts a TON of stress on the spine and is costing YOU a TON of distance. A proper release that you see from all the tour pros is

TPI LIVE: GOLF 2 Ep02 – Full

TPI Co-Founders Dave Phillips and Dr. Greg Rose answer questions from the Level 2 Golf community. (click show more for index of times and questions) 00:00:45: “What’s the best 3D technology? Also, with so much information out there for pupils, a lot have their own agenda even though they’re taking lessons.” 00:05:16 “Balance between