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NLP Basketball Academy Mix 2017

Backdoor Cuts, Dribble handoffs, pick and roll, attacking the basket, plyo metrics, etc.... We work on a little bit of everything at the NLP Bball Academy

Centennial Girls Basketball Interview – Sports Den Finale 2018

On the Sports Den Season Finale (3.26.18), we sit down with Claire Orth, Sara Stapleton and Taylor McAulay of the Centennial Girls Basketball Team. Sports Den Winter Finale, televised live on March 26, 2018. The final show of the season featured 29 athlete guests in-studio, along with the Top 25 Plays

Chong Son Kung Fu vs. Formosa Dreamers | LIVESTREAM | 2017-2018 ASEAN Basketball League

ASEAN Basketball League Game No. 4: Chong Son Kung Fu Basketball Club vs. Formosa Dragons | November 24, 2017, Nanhai Gymnasium, Nanhai The ASEAN Basketball League is the First Regional Professional basketball league in South-East Asia. Find us on Social Media: